How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

02 March, 2023

To celebrate National Bed month this March, why not try to improve your sleep and try out these five tips to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel.

Whether you tend to sleep better when staying at a well-presented hotel, or you just want a re-vamp of your room so it feels luxurious, welcoming, and relaxing, you can apply some of these tips for sheer indulgence in your own home.

Susan Leigh is a counsellor and hypnotherapist who works with clients that experience sleep-related issues - she commented: “Stress, health-related issues, medication, and poor lifestyle choices can all impact our ability to sleep and quality of sleep - 90% of adults feel that they don't get enough sleep, so treating sleep as important is key.”

Here are some simple ways to get that fresh and comforting feeling in your own bedroom:

1. Invest in luxury bedding

Do you sleep better in a hotel bed than your own? Maybe that is a sign to invest in some better sheets, duvet, or even a new mattress. Although luxury bedding will cost more, it will last longer, feel nicer, and provide a better night's sleep. Look for sheets with a higher thread count and natural cotton or linen bedding to make your bed feel fresher. Go for what material feels best on your skin! Good quality bedding also tends to be heavier, which is great for relaxing your body and helps if you struggle with anxieties at night.

Pillow quality is also important - sleep quality can also be dependent on how your head is positioned on your pillow. Find the comfiest pillow for you, making sure your neck and head are supported throughout the night. Adding some decorative cushions to your bed can also elevate your bedroom and instantly make your bed feel and look like a hotel bed! Have some fun with it and find the perfect colour cushions to match your room's colour scheme.

2. Declutter your space

This may sound like an obvious one, but when you first enter a hotel room it is usually tidy (well, we hope) and has minimal clutter. Decluttering your bedroom will not only freshen it up, but will also make the space feel more calming. Invest in some good storage or a big wardrobe to keep everything in its place. Sometimes having your bedroom as minimalistic as possible will help you feel more relaxed at night, as there are fewer distractions in your room.

Keeping on top of tidying your room each week is a great way to maintain a peaceful mind and will make coming back to your room at the end of a busy day a great feeling. A cluttered room is a sign of a cluttered mind!

3. Blackout curtains and interlining

Curtains could be the ticket to the perfect night's sleep. Whether you want blackout curtains to make your room as dark and cosy as possible, or if you just want to add some character to your room, adding curtains brings a luxury feel to your room and instantly makes it feel like a five-star hotel.

Having blackout curtains in your room can help with sleep quality and your natural sleep-wake cycle. They help you fall asleep faster at night as there will be no light disrupting this process, which also helps you snooze for longer in the morning, helping you get that much-needed rest as if you were in a hotel! Good quality curtains also keep out any draughts from the windows during the winter months - making the room extra warm and cosy for a better night's sleep.

A lot of hotels have interlining in their curtains too, this allows your curtains to appear more opulent whilst increasing the curtain's insulation properties and regulating temperature in both summer and winter, therefore bringing down your energy costs. It also helps with noise reduction and keeping out light - allowing you to have the best night’s sleep.

4. Cosy lighting and statement lamps

Lighting can make or break the mood of a room! Cosy and warm lighting can make the bedroom the perfect place to relax, ready for an amazing night's sleep - warm light tends to relax us and helps with winding down before sleep. Cooler lighting with a blue hue makes you more alert and energetic.

A great technique is to have as few light sources as possible - invest in some statement bedside lamps to create an intimate space for the bed without having the main light on in the evenings.

5. Matching decor and accessories

An easy, yet effective way to make your room feel like a luxury hotel is to decorate and accessorise with simple items that tie your bedroom together and make it feel cosy and homely. If you want your room to feel exactly like a five-star hotel, why not invest in a soft fluffy dressing gown so it is easier to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings, or a silk sleep mask to help you have the most relaxing and restful night's sleep with no interruptions.

Matching your accessories to your window dressing and treatments is a great way to tie everything together, adding more luxury to your room. If you opt for a wave-style curtain, add in some modern curved decor and accessories to tie the whole room together!

Creating a feature wall with wallpaper that ties in with the colours and theme of your bedroom is another small way to enhance your bedroom's design and create the perfect simple but effective focal point of the room.

Adding a plant or flowers to your bedroom can also elevate it, bringing a bright and fresh feel! Other things such as rugs, artwork, and mirrors can also make a room feel luxurious and cosy - stick with a theme and your room will look like a luxury hotel room.

Susan provided us with some additional tips that can help with getting a great night's sleep:

“Try to commit to a regular routine, where you wind down each evening. Maybe have a shower or a bath and wash away the day's cares and stresses. Go out and enjoy a relaxing walk, and share a little quality time with friends or family. There is no 'normal' when it comes to getting a good night's sleep.”

“If your partner is a restless sleeper, snores, works shifts, or you are both taking turns feeding a new baby, then getting a good night's sleep might be a challenge. Appreciate the benefit of sleeping separately on occasion. You can still have cosy 'us' time, and you will probably be better-minded to enjoy it if you've slept well.”

It is possible to have a good night's sleep at home with these small changes, investing time and money into your bedroom is a great way to create the feeling of a luxury five-star hotel, helping you to wind down and catch a full eight hours, if not more!

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