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All our Belfield Design Studio Made To Measure Curtains are manufactured in our Yorkshire workroom using only the highest quality materials and processes. We make all of our Made To Measure Curtains to fit your sizes and style. Please choose your Belfield Design Studio fabric swatch below to get started.

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Made To Measure Curtains FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Made To Measure Curtains.

Yes we offer a freepost sample service so you can be absolutely sure that your made to measure designer curtain fabric is ideal for your home.

We do not supply hooks with all our curtains. Curtain hooks are not required for every curtain style. Pencil pleat, deep pleat and wave curtains all require hooks which are not supplied as standard. All other curtain types either come ready to hang or do not require hooks.

The curtains that come ready to hang are:

  • Double Pinch Pleat
  • Triple Pinch Pleat
  • Cartridge
  • Goblet
  • Eyelets

The curtains that are not ready to hang are:

  • Pencil Pleat
  • Deep Pleat
  • Wave

A thick lining, great for trapping heat and keeping a room warm in winter and cooler in summer. Thermal lining is made of two layers of treated fabric and is a classy ivory colour.

Pencil pleats and deep pleats function very much the same, they are sewn in strings that are then “pulled” into pleats to form the traditional heading style.

The main difference is the depth. Pencil pleat is 3” deep and has 3 places to attach your hooks. Deep pleats are 6” deep and it has 6 slots for your hooks.

This is a standard lining which protects your curtains from the sun. Sateen lining is a single layer of fabric that the weave can be seen within. It is available in 3 colours; white, ivory & cream.

Interlining is an additional layer of fleece like material that sits in between the face fabric and your lining. Its benefits are twofold.

Curtain interlining creates a thicker barrier increasing the curtains insulation properties, whilst also adding a stylish, plush look to your made to measure curtains.

Interlining creates two pockets of air inside the curtain, this traps heat and helps to insulate your home; bringing down your energy costs.

We offer two types of interlining. Heavyweight curtain interlining which is made up of very a dense cotton and creates a thick barrier. Lightweight curtain interlining which is made of a synthetic material and not as dense; it adds body without adding weight.

Blackout lining is great for bedrooms and any space where allowing less light to enter is beneficial. It has three layers of fabric bonded together to block out intrusive light, this is known as a triple pass blackout. Our blackout lining comes in a classy ivory colour.

Wave is a relatively modern curtain style. specialist tape and tracks are used to give a winding wave like heading. A wave track is required to get the most out of Wave curtains.

Waves come in two main sizes, 60mm and 80mm, this is how big the waves themselves are.

We use a universal wave tape with a slot for your hook every 1cm, so you can space the waves however you like.

Wave can be tailored exactly to your track but please speak to our team first as orders through our website will use universal tape as mentioned above.

We pattern match all curtains starting from the top. This ensures that even if your order contains various sized curtains, they will all start in the same place.

Our dedicated manufacturing team have decades of experience in making sure every seam and join is perfectly matched.

We use a blind stitch hem on the face fabric and a flat stitch on the lining.

This does depend on the type of made to measure curtain you’re looking for. It’s quite easy to do, and we have very helpful curtain measuring guides. If you’re concerned about anything, just get in touch.

Your made to measure curtains are created by our talented manufacturing team and shipped within 20 working days as standard. If you require your curtains sooner than this, we offer a priority order where your curtains will be shipped within 10 working days.

See our delivery information for further details.

Pencil Pleat curtains arrive flat, meaning ungathered, ready for you to pull up to your required finish.

One side of the curtain tape is sewn into the fabric and so the strings in the tape cannot move, the other side of the tape has a plastic fixing in place holding the strings.

The plastic fixer is removed, and the heading tape is pulled over the strings to give the gathered effect.

Once this is done the strings are tied together and then packed neatly behind the heading tape.

No, all our curtains are made to order meaning they’re perfect for your space. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements or browse the fabrics to find your perfect design.

Yes we can! We can supply an enormous range of trims, tassels and pom poms. We can also offer bands and borders Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Our Belfield Design Studio Made To Measure Curtains are manufactured to the highest standard in our Yorkshire workroom. Our materials are sourced from the UK's most popular brands, ensuring our products are ethically produced with a focus on quality and value. At British Made Interiors we have over 50 years experience in the production of soft furnishings, so you can rely on us to deliver the highest standard in Belfield Design Studio Made To Measure Curtains. We are fully committed to delivering the best quality fabrics, meaning we can confidently offer a 10 year guarantee, backed up by 5 star reviews and a price match promise. With our extensive range of fabrics you don't need to look any further for the best online selection of Belfield Design Studio Made To Measure Curtains.

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